Beginner’s Guide To Using Cloth Baby Wipes

Beginners Guide to using Cloth Baby Wipes

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Why would you want to use cloth baby wipes?

Well, if you are already cloth diapering, using reusable cloth baby wipes is kind of a no-brainer. When you are already tossing everything together to be washed, it is actually more of a hassle to have to separate out throw-away wipes from the cloth diapers.

Even if you haven’t gone the cloth diapering route, using cloth wipes is an easy way of greening up your baby care routine. They are fantastic for a quick wipe-down for baby before bedtime on nights when a bath isn’t in the cards. Don’t judge me! And of course, the money savings of not having to ever buy disposable wipes from the store is appealing, as is the convenience of never running out.

But the best thing about using cloth wipes? You have total control over what you’re putting on your baby’s skin. Your little one will be safe from potentially harmful chemicals found in disposable wipes. 

Where can you get cloth baby wipes?

There are many different types of cloth wipes available on Amazon and online diaper shops, like  I use a variety of cloth wipes (mostly these flannel ones) that are pretty inexpensive. As my baby got older, I bought a few thicker terry cloth wipes to mix in for bigger messes. All of them have held up great since I started cloth diapering two years ago. If you want to do things even more on the cheap, you can cut squares of flannel fabric with pinking shears to avoid raveling edges.

How many wipes will you need?

I have about 60 wipes in the rotation, which is a few more than twice as many as will fit in the wipes warmer. This way, when you get low, you have enough clean to make a new batch without having to rush and do laundry right then. This also allows for a few to be stashed in the car and a few in your diaper bag.

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What should you keep your cloth wipes in?

I keep my wipes in a Prince Lionheart wipes warmer, but you can use any container that has a lid to keep everything contained. You could even just wet them as you go using plain water, and then you don’t even need a container for your wipes. I think they are easier to use and more effective with a wipe solution. Here’s my AWESOME and easy DIY baby wipe solution recipe. If you don’t want to wet your wipes ahead of use but you want to use more than plain water, some people make their wipe solution and keep it in a jar by itself. Then, you would just dip your dry wipe in right before you need to use it. There are probably a bunch of other variations, but you will find what works best for you.

What do you do when you’re away from home?

There are a couple ways you can easily use cloth wipes when you are out and about with baby. I have found it simplest to keep a spray bottle of plain water in the car. I keep a few clean, dry wipes with the few diapers I keep stocked in the diaper bag. When I need a wipe, I simply spray it with water, or wet it in a sink if I’m in a restroom, and use it that way. As an alternative, you could make a small batch of wipes already soaked with wipe solution and keep them in a leak-proof container in your car or diaper bag. After you’ve used the wipe, it just goes into a wet bag along with your soiled/wet diaper.

There was a lot of trial and error when I began this cloth diapering journey, but everything is incredibly streamlined at this point. If I can manage to incorporate cloth baby wipes into our routine, then you certainly can! 

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